1. 13:11 23rd Jul 2014

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    It’s time for me to get a new backpack. I started looking at some Dakine ones on Amazon, but I’m not too saavy at backpack shopping.

    Would any like to kindly recommend me some cool looking ones? : ]

  2. izumilo:


    Emergerd. I want. 

  3. First thing I wake up to is a phone call from one of my student’s parents. They only spoke Spanish. I attempted to respond in broken Spanish (it’s been two years since my last class). The struggle was so real.

  4. 00:50 20th Jul 2014

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    Le Co-Ds. Rocking our white coats (aka pretending to be physicians).

    Le Co-Ds. Rocking our white coats (aka pretending to be physicians).

  5. 09:45 14th Jul 2014

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    Whoops for covering Diane’s eyes.

    Whoops for covering Diane’s eyes.

  6. 01:05 12th Jul 2014

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  7. Suturing workshop #fauxsurgeon

    Suturing workshop #fauxsurgeon

  8. 01:23

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    I needed last night. Happy 11 months


  9. 21:04 8th Jul 2014

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    Reunion of the triplets!

    Reunion of the triplets!

  10. 11:28 7th Jul 2014

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    I tired. Raymond the Manta Ray says hi.

    I tired. Raymond the Manta Ray says hi.

  11. Powerful night. Vulnerabilities brings people together.

  12. 23:28 19th Jun 2014

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    hi tumblr friends! here is my first dance video - this means a lot to me and i hope you enjoy it :)

    my friend is so cool!

  13. 01:16

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    This is what my summer earnings will go towards. Excited to buy a new lens in a couple weeks. :)

  14. 20:58 17th Jun 2014

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    Finally let the cat out the bag to my grandparents. Told them myself I’m not going to medical school anymore. This is even harder than telling my parents. My grandpa can’t even look at me right now.

  15. 19:51

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    "I love you, Cristina Yang."

    This post is dedicated to everyone. You are loved

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